Combining trusted technology with cutting-edge AI to stop bad actors in their tracks

Discover hidden risks, streamline investigations, and dramatically reduce false positives with next-generation AI

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fewer false positives


improvement in risk-alert ratio


more SAR-worthy risks detected

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Reduce false positives
Significantly decrease the number of false positive alerts, allowing investigators to focus on genuine risks and saving valuable time and resources.
Reduce exposure to risk
Identify and mitigate risks that others may overlook, ensuring your organization is well-protected against potential threats and minimizing the risk of regulatory fines or reputational damage.
Simplify processes and increase efficiencies
Streamline transaction monitoring operations, automate manual tasks, and provide a holistic view of risk, resulting in improved efficiency, faster investigations, and optimized alert management.
Remain compliant far into the future
Stay ahead of evolving regulatory requirements and industry standards with advanced AI and machine learning models, ensuring ongoing compliance and reducing the need for costly and disruptive system changes.

SymphonyAI Sensa-NetReveal named as Category Leader in Chartis Risk Tech Quadrant for Transaction Monitoring