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NetReveal-Sensa Transaction Monitoring, optimises both AI and rules driven detection and alert management – without risking vast increases in alerting, complex integrations or opaque results.

Complete transaction monitoring in one seamless investigator journey – including advanced anti-money laundering detection, intelligent visual investigation and automated regulatory reporting.

30- 70%

Less manual review (adjusts to suit your risk thresholds)


Risk-alert ratio improvement


Less analytics overhead

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Rules+AI = Advanced Detection

Uncover hidden risk and take advantage of the best of rules and advanced analytics including supervised and unsupervised machine learning models. NetReveal-Sensa uses a customer’s existing data to uncover hidden risk patterns and blends the rigors of rules-based compliance with benefits of AI led technologies.

Drive down alert volumes; optimize alert decisions
Intelligent Event Triage, prioritizes the most valuable alerts with explainable, built-in machine learning models that aggregate the most valuable information (e.g. : CDD risk level, SARs previously filed), to score and prioritize alerts in line with individual business risk appetite and strategy.
Test before you trust
The NetReveal-Sensa solution automatically surfaces suggested scoring within the case management platform so you can gauge the impact of Intelligent Event Triage, before you enable
Transparent, explainable machine learning
Alert explanations highlight specific triggers and detection technology while transparent performance monitoring enables ongoing model validation and assessment to support model governance. Detection models are built in partnership with AML teams with a clear reporting and audit trail always available for regulators.
Holistic view of risk
From detection and investigation – to automated regulatory reporting, NetReveal-Sensa discovers genuine risk without compromising investigator efficiency. A single centralized 360-degree view of alerts relating to a customer or entity delivers 30-40% faster profiling and detection, fostering intelligence-led dispositioning decisions
Flexibly monitor and quickly update AML detection strategies
Our built-in criminal offenses library of AML detection scenarios aligns to modern typologies and payment types, including human trafficking and the use of mobile payments. Organizations can update their AML detection strategies as criminal typologies change.
Visualize and Uncover Risk Networks
Surface risky transactions with AML tailored Network Analysis, graphical behavioural summaries and dynamic visuals. Cross filters help investigators easily visualise transaction data within a single user interface – no need to export data to Excel for pivot table creation.

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Aite Group names SymphonyAI NetReveal a leading provider of AML RPA Solutions and a leading Advanced Analytics vendor

July 2018 Aite Group, LLC report – “The AML of Tomorrow: Here Today”

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