The Sensa Copilot

Your AI investigative assistant

Resolve financial crime investigations up to 70% faster. The Sensa Copilot harnesses the power of generative AI to source, summarize, and analyze data, freeing up financial crime investigators to focus on making informed decisions.

Accelerate investigations by up to 70%

  • Interrogate all relevant sources including internal systems, third-party data, and curated web searches to collect information available on a suspicious entity and its activity.
  • Generative AI summarizes this information into an easy-to-understand, natural language narrative describing why an alert has been raised and what type of risk your organization is exposed to.
  • Interact with the Sensa Copilot via an intuitive, chat-style window.
  • Use generated narratives to populate case logs and reports in a format that is easily explained to investigators and regulators.

Whatever the threat, Copilot’s got your back

  • Context-aware, the Sensa Copilot understands what type of investigation you are undertaking and where you are in the process, calibrating its response to best suit your needs.
  • The Sensa Copilot can handle almost any risk. From KYC/CDD issues to AML and fraud events, the Sensa Copilot is here to help investigators tackle the full range of threats your organization faces.

Reliable, scalable processes

  • Copilot ensures your investigations follow consistent processes and reports are composed in unambiguous, exact language.
  • Every step of the process is auditable, and the information used to generate narratives is clear and easily understood.

Seamlessly fits in your workflow

Scalable, secure, future-ready


Consistent support drives continual high standards throughout the investigation process.


Resolve financial crime investigations up to 70% faster with prepopulated reports and narratives, including SARs.


Sensa Copilot evolves​ with your organization​ and the regulatory environment.


Arms investigators with premium expertise at the touch of a button.


Your data remains under your control and is completely private.


“CAMLOs are painfully attuned to the challenges created by rapidly growing volumes of suspicious activity alerts and the need for a massive step forward in making investigators more effective, productive, and efficient. A sophisticated, carefully curated approach to applying generative AI can have the potential to turbocharge and optimize the investigation process while tackling the overwhelming issue of false positives. Blending generative AI technology with specialized financial crime investigation data, Sensa Copilot offers an innovative approach that will resonate strongly with financial risk management leaders.


“To keep pace with the increasing sophistication of bad actors, the financial industry is more urgently considering the use of AI to strengthen its anti-financial crime posture. Generative AI is likely to be a powerful tool in this effort. Large language models applied to diverse but reliable data sources to support more efficient investigations is an early development that we’ll watch with interest.”