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Private Banks and Wealth Managers, like Retail banks, must adhere to the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) controls set and maintained by legislative bodies and regulators around the world. With the forecast growth in global assets under management over the next few years, scrutiny is likely to increase along with harsher penalties for non-compliance.

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Improve your financial crime management with SymphonyAI NetReveal


Report: Managing money laundering risks for high-net-worth individuals

In this complimentary report, we discuss the challenges of managing money laundering and transaction monitoring in this sector. With insights into risk assessing high-net-worth clients and the tailored needs for high-value transaction environments, covering AML compliance, Know Your Customer, sanctions requirements, and the need for granular segmentation and data segregation.

Maximise the efficiency of your investigators

Discover how we can maximise the efficiency of your investigators to deliver highly effective and efficient Transaction Monitoring, Sanction Screening and Know Your Customer (KYC/CDD) requirement with tools that are designed for Financial Crime Management of high-net-worth clients and high-value transaction environments.

Specialist advanced visualizations
Specialist advanced visualisations expose the full network of associated parties linked to the main customer
Automated roll up alerts
Automate the roll up of alerts relevant to a time period for that customer to maximise efficiency for the investigator and provide a true 360° view of the risks
Manage Customer Due Diligence risk
Quickly view and manage CDD risk on high-net-worth individuals and their connected parties

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