Intelligent insurance

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Helping to protect 100 insurance carriers and affiliates against financial crime

Partner with us to meet your regulatory compliance obligations by leveraging the machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities of SymphonyAI NetReveal

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degree view of customers, policies, and intermediaries


faster investigations using our entity-based investigations for AML


sanctions false alert reduction due to smarter matching algorithms, compared with previous solutions

“Following an extensive and detailed selection process, we selected SymphonyAI NetReveal for its technology coupled with market-leading experience.

At Hastings Direct, we have a proactive approach to counter fraud and this reinforces our stance in protecting our honest customers.”


“Today’s insurers cannot afford not to invest in compliance both as a means of mitigating ever-increasing risk but also as a critical part of their business strategy and growth. Compliance may start with regulations but it ends with understanding your customer and your key risks and instituting smart, vigorous and efficient control systems”


“We chose NetReveal as we needed a solution with the most stringent AML controls possible and a complete view of customer activity”


“European regulators now expect insurers to have global consistency in both systems and controls with accountability at board level.”


“We believe in you. We need you, we need NetReveal. We are in it together, we are one resource, one team.”


“SymphonyAI NetReveal’s Cyber Threat Intelligence offering serves mature threat intelligence data through an easily integratable service. Comprehensive reports and a low false-positive rate provide a good base for advanced security operations.”


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“SymphonyAI NetReveal is a leader in this space with a unique position to help carriers by virtue of its long experience of tackling data intelligence issues over the course of its existence.”