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Trusted by more than a third of the global top 100 banks

Our solutions efficiently address and go beyond core regulatory requirements for detecting financial crime for anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC), and watchlist management (WLM).

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degree view of customers, policies, and intermediaries


faster investigations using our entity-based investigations for AML


sanctions false alert reduction due to smarter matching algorithms, compared with previous solutions

Protect your organization for the future

Work with the partner that protects your operations, while helping you to digitally transform. Prevent financial crime and adapt to demanding compliance regulations with our market-leading financial crimes detection platform. Combine this with our industry expertise for a sophisticated approach to banking. Be smarter, faster and intelligence-led.

Reduce false positives by 30%
Focus on critical alerts and reduce false positives by at least 30%. From onboarding and transaction monitoring to watch list management, SymphonyAI Sensa-NetReveal’s Intelligent Event Triage uses machine learning based on previous behaviours to prioritise higher risk alerts while hibernating lower priority alerts for review and reassessment when appropriate. Manual repetitive assignment is automated so teams can focus on high priority issues in real-time.
Achieve 30 – 40% faster profiling and detection
Centralised 360° customer view consolidates related alerts, evidence and financial metrics and presents your investigators with a single combined alert related to a customer or entity.

Improve your investigator efficiency by an average of 30 – 40%.
Spot, learn, and adapt with easily updatable detection strategies
Quickly and effectively create, refine, and improve your detection strategies. Advanced data analytics provides highly effective detection of anomalous behaviour.

A combination of machine learning and scenario management helps you keep pace with evolving and increasingly complex typologies and threats.

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