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Money laundering in financial markets

Delivering a strong digital defense against the threat of financial crime

In the digital age, technology has both facilitated customer innovations like online banking and faster payments, but it has also created new opportunities for money launderers. To combat this risk, financial institutions must prioritize compliance and proactively seek ways to mitigate threats. However, the scale and complexity of financial market operations can make it difficult for organizations to have visibility into all activities, and existing controls may not address all risks.

To bridge this gap and better combat financial crime, organizations could consider combining teams and adopting a more holistic view, similar to how some organizations address the link between cyber, fraud, and financial crime. Adopting an intelligence-led approach that takes into account the information available through existing anti-money laundering (AML) teams and separately the team focused on insider dealing and market abuse could also be effective

In this white paper, we examine the challenges financial institutions face in combating money laundering and offers insights on how regulators, policymakers, and financial institutions can work together to deliver a strong digital defense.