Innovation, transformation, growth, and resiliency

Blog | 10 Aug 2020

Symphony AyasdiAI has been innovating in the artificial intelligence domain for over a decade. Only a handful of companies on the planet can say that today. From Ayasdi’s beginnings out of the Stanford math department, the technology’s potential impact across multiple industries and problems has been unquestionable. This is why DARPA funded its development and then later pushed for the commercialization of TDA powered unsupervised machine learning. Our mission is to bring the most advanced and powerful AI to the market to tackle the enterprise’s most complex business problems. The kind of issues humans are bad at solving. The type of problems open-source DIY machine learning methods aren’t effective at resolving. Our patented technology has been serving our customers’ evolving needs for many years. With some of our customers, we have more than seven years of experience and track record. Having this breadth of experience makes us no stranger to change and transformation. Our recent brand redesign and the new website is part of our transformation to focus on solving the hardest mission-critical challenges in banking to curb money laundering, terrorist funding, human-trafficking, fraud, and more.  

Our financial services focus

The SymphonyAI Group acquired Ayasdi in April of 2019 to be part of its portfolio of AI companies, each serving a specific industry with intelligent AI solutions. Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, founder and CEO of SymphonyAI, has a vision of transforming the enterprise with a new generation of AI solutions that deliver economic value and business transformation. Dr. Wadhwani immediately saw the value of the Ayasdi AI technology to solve significant problems in financial markets and other industries. It is his long-term goal to transform the now renamed Symphony AyasdiAI into a leading fintech company. 

A vital part of the transition from general-purpose–kick-ass–AI platform was to bring on a noted fintech leader. Simon Moss came on board as our CEO in January. He brings in-depth industry knowledge, technical expertise, and charismatic leadership necessary for a large-scale transformation of the company, culture, and focus. Simon went to work to align the company with the new vision and focus on the financial services market. He hired quickly to ramp our go-to-market and product teams to prepare the company for the task ahead. He works tirelessly to promote transparency and equal ownership between employees and leadership. The team that has formed under his supervision is young, brash, energetic, and brings deep expertise in the financial industry. 

A new brand for a new culture and focus

The new Symphony AyasdiAI brand is colorful, bold, and bright, representing the young and energetic company we are. We use assertive colors to underscore the dramatic abilities of our AI technology to produce insights and results that no other fintech company can come close to. Throughout the new branding, we use structured and abstract imagery, representing our unique AI capabilities–a combination of topological data analysis (TDA), unsupervised, and supervised machine learning (ML). Finding the shape of data, the meaning of that shape, and how to apply that discovery into the enterprise via an application is how we use the Ayasdi AI technology to solve any problem. Data, as represented through TDA and unsupervised ML, gives abstract and disparate data some structure and visual form. The organization of the structure has a design and logic behind it. Every edge, line, and corner represents connections or relations of some kind within the data. Supervised ML adds human-defined goals and outputs so the machine’s work can be translated into results to impact the enterprise and provide business value.

The core mission of delivering business value

Providing business value is the heart of what we aim to achieve as a company and the driving narrative of our new website. The AI market is plagued with a reputation of not delivering on its promises. The majority of AI companies are operating black box solutions, providing professional services or rudimentary algorithms and automation. None of which produces results that impact a financial institution’s bottom line. Every packaged Symphony AyasdiAI solution provides defined and quantifiable results to benefit financial organizations, from transforming financial crime detection to assets and liability management to customer relationships and knowing your consumer (KYC) or anyone else you are dealing with: partner, employee, vendor, etc. Our solutions stand on the foundation of providing industry-leading results to our customers. Frankly, if that were not the case, they would never choose us over the giants like Oracle, IBM, SAP, and others. 

Resiliency has always been a part of our DNA. Being a startup means you are built of more robust metal than average companies. You experience ups and downs from one quarter to the next, and you keep outperforming your competition and delivering on your promises to grow. There has not been a more significant test for our generation than the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team went from having physical offices in Silicon Valley, New York, London, and India, to work from home overnight and did not miss a beat. While many of our competitors are having to let go of workers and scramble for more funding, Symphony AyasdiAI’s team is hiring and innovating ways to disrupt and transform how we curb financial crime today. 

Looking forward: Customer value is our lifeblood

We continue to keep our customers at the heart of Symphony AyasdiAI operations. We innovate continuously to improve our solutions and provide better results. Our brand redesign and the new website are just part of our promise to improve and grow and a channel for representing our mission and team. A young, energetic, innovative, disruptive, creative, resilient, collaborative, diverse, and transparent organization, creating a new generation of AI solutions for the financial market.

We’re focused on making a difference, and as a result, we are different – in culture, in the people that work here, in the brand we are so proud of. We’ll be shortly talking about a breakthrough in discovery in decoding the genome of Financial Crime. It’s an incredibly complex problem. But watch this space – the results will underline why we’re different, why we’re amazing and why our customers and partners see the vibrancy, energy, and creativity that our new website shows in every interaction and every conversation we have with them.