Envisioning the Future of Intelligent Applications

Blog | 21 Jun 2017

This morning we announced the release of Ayasdi Envision – a framework for accelerating the development of intelligent applications based on our award winning machine intelligence platform. Envision does a lot of innovative things and while I won’t recount the press release here, I do want to expand on a few of them.

  1. Envision democratizes the intelligent application development process by allowing a far larger group of knowledge workers to design and deploy these next generation applications.

    To date, intelligent application development has been a disjointed, iterative and plodding process. You had some people with ML experience, others with data experience, others  with business experience and yet others  with development and deployment experience. The challenge was getting all of those people  on the same page. It was difficult at best, so much so that many organizations did the natural thing – default to the familiar – powerpoint, excel or .pdfs.

    This behavior has a number of issues that we have detailed elsewhere – paramount among them is that it does not clearly characterize intelligence in the workstream.

    Envision changes that process. Using simple Python, pre-built UI libraries, collaboration features and AI platform connectivity, a much larger number of people in the organization can now create these applications.

    Now business analysts that understand analytic workflows can collaborate live with business owners and have their work checked by data science. We think that is a big deal.

  2. Beyond this democratization, Envision brings usability to the end user. The lack of usability to analytical workflows has held the creation and adoption of intelligent applications back. As it turns out, by allowing the people who understand the analytic workflow easily incorporate UI for  the people who consume their work, Envision can encapsulate an incredible UX automatically. If you provide access to intelligence and UX to this constituency you can transform the application development process.

    Now we can measure in hours, not quarters, the deployment of intelligent applications. Given the competitive dislocation that will occur due to AI, this is a significant consideration.

  3. And whether you are developing relatively small, but highly strategic applications, or larger offerings that require intelligent attributes, Envision can help you.  The way it is connected to the Ayasdi platform means that it includes all the enterprise capabilities you are accustomed to in your traditional application development environment.  There’s full IT blessing – specifically designed for intelligent applications – without the lead times and lengthy approvals necessary for larger IT projects.

    Keep an eye on this – as intelligent applications accelerate, the ability to respond rapidly and respect your enterprise requirements will become a boardroom issue.

  4. Finally, a live application is a learning application – both in terms of continuing to see data, but also in how people interact with it. The ability to quickly adjust and deploy these applications into production means they start getting better faster.

Envision is available now to our clients.  We can provide demonstrations and documentation to any qualified prospect that would like to get a feel for what the future of intelligent application development looks like.

In the interim – watch this space for some new apps!

Edit: We wanted to share this fun workflow from our design team describing the process of building, deploying and managing an Envision application.