AI in Regulated Industries: The No-Nonsense Guide

Blog | 19 Oct 2018

While there is much teeth-gnashing over the hype associated with AI, the fact of the matter is that it is here to stay.

While it still needs to grow into its lofty expectations (particularly in the enterprise) there is a growing body of evidence that the small wins are stacking up. One area where AI is particularly challenged is in regulated industries. Regulated industries have the same complexity as other industries but have the added dimension of requiring human explainable models. This is not to suggest they are simple models, they can be complex, but they need extreme transparency and explainability (something we call justification) for the regulator to sign off on their use.

Ayasdi is a pioneer in justifiable AI and our underlying technology supports it on an atomic level (the machine did this because of that…for any action). It is why the team at Basis Technology asked us to contribute to their handbook on integrating AI in highly regulated industries. The report covers AI from a macro perspective, the regulators perspective and the practitioner’s perspective and is eminently consumable at just 57 pages. So hop over, fill out the form and thanks us later….