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What’s new in SymphonyAI NetReveal

For too long financial organisations have been stymied by the complexities, risks and costs of financial crime management. The result is both increasing costs and – most worryingly – criminal exploitation.

Reimaging financial crime management requires experience in both existing systems and the advanced technologies that enhance and drive the change from reactive to proactive financial crime management.

This is what is what you can expect from the latest version of NetReveal:

Increase risk detection accuracy by 81x

Advanced detection of hidden risk with both Sensa AI-led detection models and established, flexible rules. Find out more.

Optimized alerting with 30 -70%* less manual review
Intelligent Event Triage (IET), driven by Model Ops, is an automated first line of triage that scores alerts in terms of an organisations’ specific risk appetite – optimising alert decisions while limiting the time spent on false positives. Find out more
Seamless, intuitive investigator journey reduces cost overheads and speeds deployment
Operational efficiencies (e.g. reduced false positives and time spent on investigation) combined with a streamlined infrastructure that optimises overall footprint driving down costs and complex deployments.
50% less false positives
Across our portfolio, refined detections and alert optimisation features mean at least a third less false positives, and in some cases up to two thirds less.
90% less overhead required for analytics
Our Model Ops feature in AML transaction monitoring drastically reduces the labour-intensive operationalization of machine learning
40% Faster Investigations
UI Enhancements, automatic aggregation of data, and workflows (including D&B integration and extensive simulation capabilities) enable faster manual processing of alerts and a smooth investigator journey

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“Effective financial crime risk management is confronted with an ever expanding conflation of threats. Financial organizations crave innovative, dynamic, and cost-effective technology solutions for faster customer due diligence, more intelligent detection, and more efficient investigations. Solutions like SymphonyAI NetReveal are designed to factor in both the macro-economic challenges and demands for an effective, flexible and scalable solution.”

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