Investigate financial crime more effectively

Consolidate financial crime detection onto one powerful platform so you can make smarter, faster decisions.

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efficiency improvement


hibernate alerts to focus on high-risk case


data from multiple systems for a single view of risk

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Reduce waste
Cut down on repetitive tasks with robotic process automation (RPA) which streamlines data gathering and prioritizes high-risk cases.
Manage all risks with a single solution
Gain a comprehensive, holistic view of risk indicators across all of your source systems and prioritize threats accordingly.
Speed up investigations
Accelerate decision making with intuitive investigation data presentation and interactive grids, providing investigators with a 360-degree view of a customer.

“SymphonyAI Sensa-NetReveal EIM helped us streamline investigations and create a more efficient case management system.”


“With SymphonyAI Sensa-NetReveal, we were able to reduce the number of alerts our investigators had to handle by 50%.”